Before purchasing a machinery Product from our company a customer must know these following rules.

1. Our seller sell only new products not second hand products.

2. You have to pay only 20% of amount to book a Product.

3. Gst and Transport charge included.

4. Only sell for your city or the location that you selected ( not for other states and cities).

5. 3 day minimum to 12 day maximum product delivery date.

6. 3 day return policy of any Product. But we cannot refund your amount because of transportation charge.

7. No refund to customers by cancelled any Product once Product shipping processe started.

8. We will refund to customers booking amount if customer cancel the order within 5 hour.

9. We take 20% of amount for booking a Product.

10. kindly check product EMI availability if you want to purchase through EMI.

11. All the maintenance, installation, repairs of a Product by seller only within warranty period.

12. Customer have to pay the rest 80% of Product amount to your seller on the Product delivery date by check, cash, or other payment method.

13. If you find any problems after purchasing a Product then you must contact your seller. (machineindia.co company is not responsible for it).

14. After purchasing a product all the conversation must between seller and the customer. (machineindia company is not responsible for it).

15. Kindly Receive all the original billing invoice from your seller on the Product delivery date.


Before selling a machinery Product with our company a seller must know these following rules.

1. I agree to sell my machinery product in MY city only.

2. I agree to sell only new product not second hand product.

3. I agree I will transport my machinery product to customers address with my own arrangment transportation company Or help of any otherlogistic company.

4. I agree to take all responsibility of my product while transporting like- damage,insurance, accident, or lost. (machineindia.Co is not responsible for it).

5. I agree to add charge of transport not more than Rs- 500/- minimum to Rs-7,000 maximum according to size, weigh, height of product as low as much possiible.

6. I agree to take responsibility as a seller of installing, repairing or solve any problems of my machinery product free of cost at anytime of my customers in warranty period.

7. I agree to sale my product cost including-

A. 18% GST.

B. Rs-500/- minimum to Rs 7,000/ maximum transportation charges for your city or any city in your state.

C. You can also deliver your product to other city or state as your own risk but the deliver price will be same which is minimum Rs-500/- to maximum Rs- 7,000/- according to size, weigh, height of product(as low as much possiible).

D. No extra transportation charge to the customers other than this rate.

E. I agree to pay 5% (FIVE PERCENT)commission charges to (machineindia.co) according to the categories of the company rules.

F. 20% will be booking charge of my machinery product.

G. 15% of amount I must receive within 7 to 15 business day by company after delivered of my product to customers address (after customer verification of delivery reportof product by company).

H. Add product final cost including- 18%GST + 5% company commission + Rs 500/- to Rs 7,000/- transportation charge + your profit amount = final product price.

I. This will be the sub total and final rate of a product mentioned above.

8. I agree to give sold products paper bills to my customers by hand on product delivery date.

9. I must receive my product within 3 day as customer return policy, if my customer finds any damange or technical issue.

10. After order confirmation from customer side, we will share your customer detail with you.

11. After share customer detail with you, you must pack your product nicely carefully for shipping.

NOTE- 1. Never increase your product price by adding extra transport charge.

2. Customer may compare your product price with other website.

3. If your product price is high you then you may loose your customer as well as business.

4. Always sell your product with recent value, affordable price and genuine price.

5. Do not use your phone number while uploading a product.

6. Do not use any phone number on product images or any product description/information field,

7. If you use your phone number while uploading a product ,then you may loose your selling account.

8. If we find any phone number, your account may block permanently.

9. Use your phone number only and only in registration form as a vendor.

10. Upload only best and clean product images.

11. kindly follow company rules.

12. Become a good business man.

13. So many customers are waiting for you.(all the best and good luck).